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АТС - белёк (sea calf Cub)

Привет всем!

***ATC SWAP PARTY*** from MixedMedia World
Я сделала серию ATC, главным героем которой стал детёныш тюленя - белёк. 
Обмен только с участниками SWAP в блоге mixedmediaworld, участвуют три карточки)
Exchange only with the participants of SWAP blog mixed media world, involving three cards)
Отложены для \set aside for \
Siiri Viljanen
Cathryn Wood
АТС крупно каждая отдельно
В работе использовала: акриловые краски, моделирующий гель, текстурная паста - кракле, эмбосинг, глиттер.
The paper used: acrylic paint, modeling gel, paste texture - Crackle, embosing, glitter.
Any game has a few rules and points for guidance and ours are as follows: 
  • Your ATC must be 2 ½” x 3 ½” (6.4cm x 8.9cm). 
  • Your ATC can be portrait or landscape orientation. 
  • Theme: Anything Goes! 
  • The choice of techniques and media is up to you, but remember we are a Mixed Media focused blog. 
  • Mark the back of your ATC with your name and the date. You can also add your contact details, if you wish. 
  • Write a blog post with pics and a link to our MMW challenge blog post for the swap (button on the side bar). Do remember to mention in your post, if you are interested in swapping at all and also whether you are interested to swap only within your country or worldwide. 
  • Don’t make your ATC to chunky, if you are going to post internationally so it fits a simple envelope and won’t be too pricey to post! Or… go all the way, it’s up to you! 
  • Please don’t include anything else in the envelope, perhaps a note to the lucky recipient. This is to avoid any disappointment (one gets a happy mail, the other doesn’t kinda thing…). This is just a friendly advice though…
  • 8 ATCs will be selected randomly to win 4 ATCs from Riikka & 4 ATCs from Ingrid. Only Mixed Media ATC will be entered into the draw! 
  • Make sure you follow this blog so you don't miss a thing! 
  • Have fun creating your Artist Trading Cards!!! :)

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  1. Ира, спасибо за приглашение.
    Можно выбрать первую АТС ?

    1. У тебя уже зимнее настроение!
      Я пробую переключится. Спасибо за вдохновение!

    2. Рита, запишу пока тебя в резерв)))

  2. these really are adorable! Love them! Keep an eye on the MMW blog for more updates! Thank you for joining the fun! Ingrid xxx


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